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not bad

tha sound quality could have been better. the graphic were ok. like than Ng lookin tank and the bike tricka lmao. that was pretty cool.next time use some of my music :) RED was the best.

TheGreatPatten responds:

You should've posted in the collab my man. Maybe if we decide to make a sequel, we'll use you.

That was a really gay thing to watch

Although this flash was SSSSSSSOOOO gay, it was funny as hell.

Great Flash

had to be the funniest thing i've seen today. i like tha way the story progreeses. it kinda suck that he had to go out the way he did. u should create a sequel, but from the two girls point of view. i would love to see what she did with his money and what happens to his kid.

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Be on tha look out

i have already remix a track by u called dark skies, i like this track so maybe i might try and do tha same kinda thing with this one. ur tracks are so epic and so easy to sample lmao. i'll keep u posted on wat i do with this one.

MaestroRage responds:

hello auxo1oner1!

I did hear the remix of Dark Skies. It was pretty slick i'll give it that! I look forward to your work. In any case, thank you for the review, i'm glad you liked them :D!


melody is hot, even though its a lil off key at times, but its unique so i let it go. u should have added more instruments to tha track to give it a more diverse feel. tha drum pattern was pretty basic, cool but needs a lil more variety to me. nice snare rolls and damn those keys are SERIOUS. watch tha volume on em though cuz those FL keys distort.
nice vibe from this track. maybe we can collab some time .

Tha904Bird responds:

yea got to go get some new piano samples lol, yea im up for a callab wenever ill hit u up


this is ya boy Young breeze got a new alias on here, pretty soon eveyone is gonna find out. had to take a lil vacation from tha site but enough of me. this is by far the best track u droppd on here, not because i produced it. Your lyrics are good and they are on beat for major part of tha track. nice touch with tha sound effect. next time try and and through some adlibs on it. aww man im so pround. YOURE ON BEAT!!!!! OMG this is crazy! hot hot hot hot! Good job BN. 5/5


Broken-Needle responds:

thanks man, glad u back on the site, always knew u'd come back quick, ng da best. Thanks for the beat again, I tried being on beat ova' here, dno wut u mean by adlibs tho. Thanks again formakin'me feel proud othis, thanks fo' the beat, the attempted 5, all 10's, review and support,
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